Caleb Voss

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Micro Focus, working on the Fortify Static Code Analyzer. (We're hiring talented engineers with an interest in static analysis, programming languages, or compiler front-ends. Please reach out if you are interested!) My academic background covers programming languages and type systems, with emphasis on parallel programming language design and the static and dynamic analysis of parallel programs. You can view my dissertation, Addressing Logical Deadlocks Through Task-Parallel Language Design. Writing concurrent and parallel software is essential in order to make use of modern hardware, but reasoning about synchronization, deadlocks, races, ownership, and weak memory models is still difficult and unintuitive. But with the assistance of good language design, formal tools, and automated analyses, programmers can write performant parallel code with high confidence in its correctness.


My work, “An Ownership Policy and Deadlock Detector for Promises” (Voss, Sarkar) has been published at PPoPP ’21. View the talk.

I have successfully defended my doctoral dissertation! Thank you to Professors Sarkar, Orso, Devecsery, Zhang, and Cogumbreiro for serving on my committee.

“Transitive Joins: A Sound and Efficient Online Deadlock-Avoidance Policy” (Voss, Cogumbreiro, Sarkar) has been accepted for publication at PPoPP ’19.

I have joined the parallel computing laboratory of Prof. Vivek Sarkar. My initial research direction will be on the problem of deadlock avoidance.

I am spending the summer at the University of Kentucky with Prof. Jim Griffioen. We are tackling a cross-domain project that combines high-level programming languages with software-defined networking.

Congratulations to my mentor, Prof. Lydia Kavraki, for winning the Rice University Presidential Mentoring Award!

My undergraduate research at Rice University has been recognized with the James S. Waters Creativity Award and by the Rice Engineering Alumni with the Outstanding Research Excellence Award.

I am delighted to announce that I have been offered an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! See the Rice CS blog post.