I am a PhD student in programming language theory under Prof. Bill Harris at Georgia Tech. My research focuses on the automated construction proofs of program safety to make dependable and trustworthy software. I am primarily interested in shape analysis, that is, reasoning about dynamic data structures of unknown shape and unbounded size.


I have joined the programming languages lab of Prof. Bill Harris at Georgia Tech, pursuing automated proofs of program safety.

I am spending the summer at the University of Kentucky with Prof. Jim Griffioen. We are tackling a cross-domain project that combines high-level programming languages with software-defined networking.

Congratulations to my mentor, Prof. Lydia Kavraki, for winning the Rice University Presidential Mentoring Award! Her support has been invaluable to me.

My undergraduate research at Rice University has been recognized with the James S. Waters Creativity Award and by the Rice Engineering Alumni with the Outstanding Research Excellence Award.

I am pleased to announce that I have been offered an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! See the Rice CS blog post.